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Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?- 60 Million Postcards, Thursday 4th of May

What a great time to start this blog with Thursdays gig being the world’s best most ridiculous named band: Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? You may think we’re kidding but we’re not and yeah it might be annoying to remember but damn it’s worth it. We guarantee the whole crowd to be dancing, smiling from ear to ear with one of the most infectious bands We Broke Free has hosted since Sl0tface. The Jane Fonda group released their maturely crafted second album this year cementing themselves as a hopeful summer festival singalong staple finding their sound suited to fall on most line ups whether indie, pop-punk or rock ready to give crowds a great time! Commendably they have picked production that keeps it light-hearted but still showing off their skilful songwriting credibly giving the listener a little bit of all the best in girl fronted groups. On first listen it’s easy to compare it to the melodic lead guitar on The Strokes 12:51 before you put that on and realise the Jane Fonda upbeat synth is more lively and dare I say it more enjoyable! The Finnish group are self-confessed obsessives of underground cassette culture, punk rock, 60’s girl groups and surrealist movies, if this all sounds your jam you’d be insane to miss it! To top that off support comes from Bird Shoes, a local grunge duo making waves themselves.


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