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REVIEW - 06.07.18 - Jawbone and The Swine - Album Launch

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

If you’re going to put on your album launch on the beaming sunny sun of a Friday, you better make you’re ready to bring your ‘A game’, for Jawbone and The Swine school was in session and they achieved an A*. Carefully working my way round overflowing the 60 Million beer garden I was concerned punters were classic British living for the weekend sun dwellers but San Marlo brought their following the ‘Talbot Road crew’ and by the time Jawbone and The Swine played the whole room was throwing shapes in a sweaty ‘party blues’ frenzy!

San Marlo took on the unenviable task of preparing their new drummer and guitarist to be gig ready in a week playing a set where the only dropped note I saw wasn’t theirs. San Marlo’s sound feels core influenced by the Nirvana Seattle scene throwing in wider dimensions starting their set with a song that would fit in on the Pavement’s alums. Lead singer Ben‘s references to ‘It’s Coming Home’ and Gareth Southgate in and between every song, kept the topical fun spirit of this summer and endeared the audience to a band having fun with the new line up. Although this gave the impression of a relaxed band I felt the exceptional musicianship from the new members was a little rigid, something I’m sure will loosen with time. The new guitarists jangly lead guitar emulated past shoegaze icons and in places I heard possible Johnny Marr influences, I look forward to him adding his own touch on the band. The crowd grew steadily bigger which San Marlo worked building such a crescendo on the ’final’ song the audience asked for and received another tune. A good set that felt like it had something missing; a set that will be great in the future as this line up solidifies.

Jawbone stepped on stage with their audience already waiting in adoration and with Ben's soulful crooning it’s obvious they knew they were in for a night to remember. By the second song they had the whole crowd dancing and singing their hearts out. After a few songs, I was left feeling the unfortunate repetitiveness two pieces can suffer but I soon realised that with a wealth of song styles the band gradually showcased all elements of their talent drip feeding the audience wanting more and more as Deano stood drumming beckoning me in with musical seduction. I’m sure the band get sick of comparisons to The Black Keys but it wasn’t the two piece blues the drew that comparison for me it was the rich masculine velvet of Ben's voice. The modern full sound on the guitar and carefully tuned drums played with Motely Crue flair set Jawbone apart from the Akron, Ohio duo showing their ability to put their stamp on 2 piece blues; it would be easy to compare the drumming to Royal Blood. With the audience dripping with sweat and drinks flying we begged for an encore but in classic macho tease Jawbone left the stage. My mind dreamed for more of their sweat nectar and blasted the new album 4 times the morning after, thankfully I’m pleased to inform you their charisma transcended the album as well as their stage show.


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