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Tor Byrnes

Founder of WBF / Booker / Promoter

Party starter. Festival frolicker. Band t-shirt collector.  Obsess’ with girl fronted punk tinged Indie. Has met Debbie Harry. Social Butterfly. One of the founders of all girl collective Frau DJ’s. Knows how to jam pack a calendar.


Favourite WBF show: Mystery Jets. I cried, that band are kinda the sound track to mid 2000’s Indie Life, and to have been able to put them on in such a small place, dreamy.

Dream WBF Show: Hinds. I love the sporadic messy innocence of their music and attitude.

​Favourite Emoji: 🎵Lalalala.

Adam Fox

Manager / Promoter / Social Media

Button presser. Visitor of the f*****g sea. Kanye devotee. Bear mimic. Chicken connoisseur. Went H.A.M. 

Favourite WBF show: Spring King for the \m/, Azekel for the vibes.


Favourite emoji: 💯

Jack Laurilla

Social Media Man / Intern

Pun master.  The baggy Fraser T-shirt guy. Ax Man off of Exam Season. Fan of a dab. Collector of Simpsons memorabilia. Pint puller at 60mpc.


Favourite WBF show: Her's was a weird and wonderful surprise, and 'Songs of Her's' quickly became one of my favourite albums/EPs/compilations(??) of the year! Plus the bassist had some KILLER moves. Definitely need to catch these guys again.

Dream WBF Show: The Cribs (especially if they decide to play 'Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever' in full again for some reason) 3.)Emoji: the upside down face one, I like that one.

Favourite emoji: the upside down face one, I like that one.

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Chris Lynden

Sound Tech

Jazz enthusiast. Jamaica lover.  Gaffer Tape Expert. Sound guy.


Favourite WBF show: Flamingods

Dream WBF Show: Rod Stewart and a full orchestra

Favourite emoji: ​​​​​​🆑

Sara Blowing

Graphic Designer

Tina Blecher Impersonator. Wizz kid on photoshop. Illustrator. Glitter enthusiast. Social Media Genius. Founding Frau member. Selfie supporter. Owner of Freudian card shop, Floppy Broc.

Favourite WBF show: Indoor Pets (FKA Get Inuit), I hadn’t heard their stuff before but their sound is very nostalgic and fun.Dream Wife were also up there as a favourite! These ladies are really great at what they do and gave an empowering performance.

Dream WBF Show: If Why? come to Bournemouth I’ll be the happiest girl alive.

Favourite emoji: 💩

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Alice Conway


Synth tinkler. Beat Poet and singer. Winchester famalan original. Has many phone problems. Always cold, even with great jackets. Loves an action shot.

Favourite WBF show: The fin. - I fell in love with the dreamy chillwave sound they have, been listening to them all year and their most recent release is just stunning

Dream WBF Show: Reverend and the Makers - i really really really really love the new album and it would make for a very happy photographer.

Favourite emoji: 😈

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